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Parkrose Chiropractors

At Starkwood Chiropractic, our expert chiropractors have over 30 years of combined experience. Our mission is to help our patients relieve their neck and back pain so they can start living healthy, normal lives. If you’re experiencing any sort of pain or tingling in your body, our chiropractic doctors would love to help you resolve that, today!

Uncomfortableness or pain in your neck, back, or extremities could indicate that you have a spinal subluxation, or misalignment. This can be caused from a number of things such as poor posture, long-term distance running, or traumas during sports or auto accidents. When these injuries happen, your spinal column, which connects a majority of nerves to the rest of your body, becomes out of alignment. This can lead to pinched or suppressed nerves, causing pain, discomfort or other complications. Rather than using any sort of pain medication to mask the problem, we are committed to getting to the root cause of the issue by getting your spine into it’s natural state again. Our knowledgeable and expertly trained staff use adjustment techniques to safely and carefully restore your spine to it’s aligned form with gentle but firm hand pressure.

If you’ve experienced any sort of a high-impact crisis like a car accident, such an abrupt jolt not only can cause you injury, but may also lead to scar tissue forming around your joints. The buildup of scar tissue will eventually affect your mobility and be more susceptible to future problems. Our Soft Tissue Therapy can significantly reduce the amount of scar tissue that’s formed in any injured areas and help you recover to your natural, healthy self again.

Parkrose Chiropractic Clinic

Starkwood Chiropractic Clinic has an office located near Parkrose for your convenience. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment or to discuss any questions you have with our friendly staff. We’re committed to customer service and our top priority is taking care of you and your health.