Portland Auto Injury Chiropractor

Auto Injury Chiropractic

Being in an auto accident can be a physically and emotionally devastating event. Aside from the immediate effects, car accident injuries can have long-lasting effects. Fortunately, there are chiropractic techniques available to help alleviate pain and get you feeling better again. Starkwood Chiropractors are well versed in providing this type of care for individuals who have been involved in automobile accidents. We personalize your treatment to relieve your pain & discomfort. Depending on whether the accident was recent or long ago this treatment may vary.

Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents can have similar, and often worse, effects on the body. In a city like Portland with a thriving biking community, the chances of being involved in an accident are much higher. If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, whether or not a vehicle was involved, you should consider seeking an accident injury chiropractor. We want to get you back on your bike and feeling great again.

Stay Alert & Avoid Accidents

Auto accidents are unfortunately quite common. While some laws have been enacted to reduce automobile accidents, such as the distracted driver laws of 2017 car accidents are just part of life in the big city. While the risk of being involved in an accident is very real, there are things you can do to be a more vigilant driver. Ensuring that your vision is tested when you renew your license is a good idea for people of any age, especially the elderly. Make sure you obey speed limits, even on roads you’re familiar with. And avoid distractions from inside your vehicle. This includes your phone & GPS as well as your passengers. Staying alert can help you avoid accidents that can take years to recover from.

Even Small Accidents Have Consequences

Auto accidents range from fender benders to the terribly unfortunate high speed accidents that we hope you never have to experience. Even small accidents can cause spinal damage that cause weeks, months, and even years of pain. Whiplash can occur at speeds as low as 5-10 miles per hour. According to experts “Even in a low-speed rear impact collision of 8 mph, your head moves roughly 18 inches, at a force as great as 7 G’s in less than a quarter of a second.” If you’ve ever experienced a spinal injury, even minor, you’ll understand how truly debilitating it can be. Auto accident chiropractic care can provide you with pain relief and improve flexibility so you can get back to your daily routine.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries

At Starkwood Chiropractic, we specialize in injury therapy methods that have proven to help relieve pain and get you feeling like you should. We focus on finding where the pain is coming from and using safe, gentle methods to help remove the pain. We’ll personalize your treatment based on the location and severity of the pain you’re feeling. We’ll work with your physician to make sure you’re receiving the best possible care available. Our experience in injury-based care helps us treat you properly so you’ll begin to heal and be able to get back to living the way you want to.