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Aetna Insurance Chiropractor Portland, Oregon

Aetna is one of the top healthcare benefit companies in the U.S., and they strive to provide people with access to healthcare information and resources. They work closely with doctors, employers, hospitals and other influential figures to drive changes to the healthcare system that will provide cost-effective insurance for people who need it. They work with employee groups, individuals, small businesses and more. At Starkwood Chiropractic, our Portland chiropractors provide high quality care and injury treatment, and we are proud to say that we work with Aetna.

Aetna Insurance Chiropractic

Aetna - Portland Chiropractic ClinicAetna offers an assortment of traditional and contemporary health insurance products, such as dental care, medical management, life and disability plans and chiropractic care. They only work with health providers and specialists who have a proven clinical track record and offer affordable care. Aetna typically works with national employers, both big and small, to provide employees with affordable and dependable healthcare options. A big part of what Aetna does is it gives members access to valuable information so that they can make educated decisions about their healthcare. Using the internet or your smartphone, you can check your symptoms, locate a doctor, schedule appointments, pay medical bills and much more. Using the latest technology, Aetna is working to make our healthcare system stronger and more efficient. Rather than simply treating a medical problem when it is discovered, Aetna is working to put an emphasis on preventative care and health maintenance. Healthier populations translate into huge healthcare savings in the long run. Aetna is dedicated to improving the lives in the communities that they work in, and we are happy to be a part of that movement.

Portland Chiropractic Clinic

Our Portland chiropractic treatment is a cost effective alternative compared to surgery and medication, and is proven to successfully treat back and neck pain. Our office is located in Portland on Stark St and is easily accessible from Gresham. Much like Aetna, we are working to make healthcare more affordable and more efficient so that every American can have access to quality healthcare.  Contact us today to learn more.