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Millions of people in the U.S. work desk jobs that involve long intervals of sitting at a computer desk. It may not seem harmful, but sitting for such long periods of time on a daily basis can be very damaging to your overall health. Not many companies put a big emphasis on ergonomics. Ergonomics is the practice of fitting the workplace to meet employee needs for safety and productivity. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of ergonomics and are setting up comfortable work spaces that promote good posture. Most people have poor posture and tend to slouch forward at their computer desks. All of this slouching can get your spine out of whack and cause significant lower back pain. At our Portland, Oregon chiropractic clinic, Starkwood Chiropractic, we excel at treating work-related injuries, such as lower back pain, neck pain and headaches.

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On the other hand, millions of people work at jobs that require heavy lifting, repetitive motions and overworking your body.  These jobs range from construction workers to hairstylists and everything in between.  An injury, pinched nerve or pulled muscle can happen without warning in any profession.  The results can be devastating as you miss work or deal with lingering pain.  Our Portland chiropractors can help determine what is causing the pain and help develop a plan so you can heal and keep it from progressing further.

Just about everyone has experienced lower back pain at one point or another in their life. In fact, lower back pain is the number one cause for work-related disability. Every year, millions of people miss work due to intense lower back pain, most likely because they have been exhibiting poor posture for a long time. If your workplace is not ergonomically optimized and you suffer from lower back pain, neck pain or headaches, then your employer is obligated to pay for your chiropractic treatment through your workers compensation insurance plan. Chiropractic treatment has been scientifically proven to be very effective for treating common, work-related lower back pain. Our Portland chiropractors can get you back on your feet faster than pain killers or a physical therapist.

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If you believe that you are experiencing lower back pain or any other pain due to your work conditions, you can speak with your supervisor to have chiropractic treatment covered under your employer’s workers compensation policy. Contact us today for more information.