Starkwood Chiropractic specializes in treating neck, back, and other injuries resulting from automobile accidents. I’ve you’ve been experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort, let our skilled and talented specialists help you to get you back to optimal health so you can lead a happy and comfortable life.

During an automobile accident or other high-impact trauma, your spine can be thrown out of alignment, causing pain or other long term complications. Even subtle misalignment or tingling sensations can cause big problems down the road. Because your spine is the centerpiece for where a majority of your nerves connect, any unnatural position it’s put in for a duration of time is a potential hazard for the rest of your body. With one of our spinal adjustments, we’ll use hand pressure in the right places to put your spine back into it’s natural alignment, greatly reducing and eventually eliminating any neck, back or extremity pain, while getting your body to it’s natural, healthy function again.

Scar tissue can build up after an injury. Over time this can reduce mobility, cause pain, and create more susceptibility to future injury. Our expert chiropractors can perform soft tissue therapy on affected areas which will greatly diminish any scar tissue that has formed around your joints. This will help to reduce pain and get your body back to normal.

Not only do our Chiropractic doctors have over 30 years of combined experience, we’re also specialists in proper diet and nutrition. We’ll provide you with proper nutrition counseling to support your injury recovery and overall health so you’re living vibrantly. Along with that, we’ll make recommendations for stretches and exercises that support and benefit your bones and muscles, creating a healthier body and happier lifestyle for you.

Mt. Tabor Chiropractic Clinic

We’re not only here to help you recover from injury, our aim is to eliminate any causes for pain or future injury at the source. Our commitment is that your experience is easy, relaxed, and exceedingly valuable. Our staff and clinic is dedicated to providing the best support and customer service for any of your chiropractic needs. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We would love to support you in feeling completely healthy, pain-free and happy.