Activator Technique

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Activator Technique - Portland Chiropractors

The Activator Technique is a very common practice in the world of chiropractic medicine. It actually refers to both the technique itself as well as the tool used to perform the technique. The Activator is a hand-held instrument that uses a spring-loaded adjuster to gently and safely apply pressure to dysfunctional joints. Similar to the Arthrostim, the Activator is often used on patients who experience discomfort and excessive pain during a traditional chiropractic adjustment that is performed by hand. With the Activator, chiropractors can apply gentle and controlled pressure faster than they can by just using their hands. This is important because it is often an instinctual reaction for your body to tense up during an adjustment. When pressure is applied to your muscles, they will tense up in reaction. The Activator tool makes it possible to apply pressure quickly, before your body tenses up to resist the movement. This reduces the force needed, and results in a much more gentle treatment. Similar to other techniques, with the Activator technique the chiropractor will measure the length of your legs and monitor your body mechanics to detect irregularities in your spine or joints. Once they are detected, the chiropractor will use the Activator tool to make corrective adjustments.

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