Low Back Pain

Participating in normal, routine activities can be challenging when you are suffering from lower back pain. It is one of the most commonly cited reasons for people missing work, and it is the leading cause of disability in the world. Overburden and injury are two of the main causes of pain in the lower back area. Whether you experienced a hard fall directly on your tailbone, or you were rear-ended while driving, physical trauma to the back can cause a number of problems, such as herniated discs, vertebrae fractures and pinched nerves in the spinal column. All of these issues can severely hamper your overall health and ability to stay active. When you have a herniated or bulging disc in your spine, it can put pressure on your nerves and strain your ligaments and muscles. This can be very painful, and tends to get worse over time. As the pain gets worse, you will become less and less active, which only makes the problem worse. It can be a vicious cycle of chronic pain. Here at Starkwood, our determined and professional Portland chiropractors can perform spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapy that will ease your spine back into its natural position. This takes the pressure off your nerves, muscles and ligaments and relieves pain very quickly and effectively.

Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain | Portland Chiropractors

At Starkwood Chiropractic, one of the most common reasons why our patients seek out our treatment is for alleviating their lower back pain. However, that isn’t all that we treat; we are able to treat a number of other painful musculoskeletal conditions in addition to back pain. Our intelligent and experienced Portland chiropractors can perform soft tissue therapy and spinal adjustments that can significantly reduce or completely eliminate your back pain.

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Our Portland chiropractic treatment is a safe and natural alternative to medication and surgery, and it can produce some remarkable results when it comes to chronic lower back pain. Contact us to set up a free consultation today!