Therapeutic Ultrasound and Electric Muscle Stimulation

At Starkwood Chiropractic we focus primarily on healing musculoskeletal conditions, but our Portland chiropractors have the skill and knowledge to treat soft tissue injuries as well. We use state-of-the-art chiropractic equipment that stimulates your inflamed and irritated muscles to relieve pain and promote healing. We are committed to providing our patients with long-term pain relief so that they can lead healthy, rewarding lives.

Therapeutic ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation are two techniques that we have mastered at Starkwood. Using concentrated sound waves, our chiropractic doctors can treat conditions like muscle sprains, spasms and strains. The sound waves penetrate soft tissue and their vibrations cause a heat response which relaxes your muscles and decreases irritation and inflammation. The heat response also improves circulation to the area and promotes tissue repair and healing. Electrical muscle stimulation is another groundbreaking technique that is useful for treating muscle and nerve pain. Similar to the ultrasound method, our chiropractic doctors use low-frequency electrical currents to trigger muscle contractions. As a patient, you will experience a slight “tingling” feeling as the electrical current causes your body to release natural painkillers called endorphins. This treatment helps strengthen weakened muscles, improves blood flow to the area and helps heal damaged or irritated soft tissue. We can precisely adjust the current to treat a wide variety of muscle sprains, strains, spasms as well as other soft tissue discomfort. It doesn’t matter if your pain is acute or chronic, electrical stimulation can effectively treat both conditions.

Portland Chiropractors

No other chiropractors in Portland have such a dedication to using cutting edge technology to heal patients. At Starkwood Chiropractic, we are always on the lookout for new and advanced treatment methods that have been scientifically proven to successfully relieve soft tissue pain. We will pursue anything that can make our Portland chiropractic care more comfortable and more successful for our patients. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists!