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Starkwood Chiropractic is a Rockwood chiropractic clinic that excels at treating injuries resulting from auto accidents, such as whiplash, back pain and neck pain. Living in constant pain is something that no person should have to deal with. It can have a serious impact on your happiness and overall livelihood.

Rockwood Chiropractors - Rockwood Chiropractic Clinic

With our thorough and gentle chiropractic care, we can soothe your pain and improve your health and happiness. We take pride in being the most reliable chiropractors in Rockwood, Oregon.

There are surprisingly few options available out there for treating spinal subluxations. Many people will get a medical prescription for dealing with lingering pain; however, painkillers do not solve the underlying problem; they only treat the symptoms of that problem. With our chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy, we can safely and naturally treat the source of your injury, rather than simply masking the symptoms with drugs and medication. Our chiropractic treatment is a great alternative for people who are sick and tired of relying on medication and dealing with the side effects that often come with it. We can carefully move your misaligned spinal joints back into their normal positions using firm but gentle hand pressure.  Oftentimes we will use soft tissue therapy before a spinal adjustment. It relaxes your muscles and works out any scar tissue that formed around your joints as a result of physical trauma. When your muscles are relaxed, it is much easier for our chiropractic doctors to maneuver your vertebrae back into place. Combine that with some chiropractor-recommended stretches and exercises, and you can make a full recovery after only a few sessions.

Rockwood Chiropractic Clinic

Our Rockwood chiropractic care can lead you on the path toward living a happy, healthy and pain-free life. Our office is only 10 minutes from the heart of Rockwood. It is located right off of both I-205 and I-84, making it conveniently accessible from the entire Portland metro area.  If you’re located in Rockwood, the most convenient route to our office is by heading West on Stark Street, we’re right before the corner of 111th and Stark. Contact us any time to request a free consultation.