Scholarship for Chiropractic Students

$500 Starkwood Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Scholarship

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Are you enrolled in a chiropractic or naturopathic doctorate program? Do you need some help purchasing those expensive textbooks? Then simply write a 250 words essay, and you could win $500 for text books or other college expenses.

Apply for the Starkwood Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Scholarship. If you’re the winner, we’ll award you $500 directly that you can put towards your books or any other incidental college expenses.

If you’re interested in receiving the Starkwood Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Scholarship, please write a 250 word essay detailing why you feel you deserve the scholarship, how you would use it to advance your studies, what natural medicine means to you, etc. Your essay can cover all these questions, just one of them, or you can take it in a completely new direction that is all your own. Before submitting your essay please see the full scholarship requirements below.

Please email your essay, along with your school name, year, major and contact information to or submit via the contact form on this page. We award this scholarship purely based upon the merits of your essay. We do not take into account financial situations or financial aid.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Must complete a 250 word essay about why they went into chiropractic/natural medicine.
  • Must currently be enrolled in a doctor of chiropractic or doctor of naturopathy program.
  • Must have completed a full term in a doctor of chiropractic or doctor of naturopathy program.
  • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA at the time of submission.
  • Must submit essay by September 15th, 2017.
  • Must include contact information such as address, phone and name in order to receive funds.

Taking classes in the medical field is hard enough. Let Starkwood alleviate some of the stress so that you can focus on your studies and your future career.