Your Job is THE Pain in Your Neck!

As computers and desk jobs are becoming more prevalent, many of us find ourselves sitting in the same position, staring at our screen all day long. We may notice neck soreness, lower back pain or even headaches, which we often attribute to other things we’ve done or conditions we worry about having. Below are some stretches and simple exercises that can be easily performed in the office.

Starkwood Chiropractic Office Stretches

Do you work in an office where you’re constantly sitting for hours at a time? If so, you probably know how it feels when your body starts to get sore or cramped from sitting down too long. A lot of people aren’t aware that what they’re feeling is usually associated with a lack of movement and stretching.

So what are we supposed to do about it? Change jobs? Stand in front of our computer all day? Those aren’t very realistic options for most of us, so we’re stuck sitting down without much we can do to change it. But we can implement a few changes to our normal routine, which can help alleviate some of negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods.

The easiest step we can take is stretching during our workday. Stretching requires that you actually get out of your seat during the day and helps get some blood flowing back to your arms and legs. Stretching is a great way to loosen your muscles, reducing stiffness and pain. We understand that you can’t exactly get out of your seat and perform an hour-long yoga session during your work day, but there are some great stretches you can do right in your office.

As you make stretching a habit, you should begin to notice some relief in areas that have been stiff or causing you pain. Try to perform these stretches a couple of times per day, so you can feel lasting relief and keep the stiffness to a minimum.

By Charlie Goldston, D.C.