Ask A Chiropractor – Does Chiropractic Help Anxiety?

Many of our clients suffer from anxiety and stress. We answer the question “Can chiropractic care alleviate anxiety?” in our newest installment of Ask A Chiropractor.

Chiropractic care takes a holistic, interconnected approach to healing physical ailments which can cause or can be caused stress. Because chiropractors address the intersection of a person’s mind, body and lifestyle choices, it can be a very effective way to manage and treat the side effects of anxiety.

Is my neck being out of alignment causing anxiety?

Anxiety and physical pain are a vicious cycle. As anxiety builds up in the body it causes physical pain which can then lead to continued or heightened mental stress. Whether the stress or anxiety came first, putting an end to the cycle and seeking treatment is crucial to your health. Chiropractic care will take into account stress factors in your life.

Can adjustments alleviate anxiety?

Anxiety is a common mental health condition people tend to overlook. This isn’t always intentional. Symptoms of anxiety can slowly accumulate and go unnoticed until it becomes unbearable. Anxiety can be caused by, and also cause, physical ailment. Using chiropractic adjustments to boost your nervous system health, reduce tension and stimulate blood flow can help with blood pressure, an onset cause of stress. All of these play a part in causing stress, anxiety and depression.

Listen to your body.

Have you ever heard “You’re carrying a lot of tension in your… neck, shoulders, back?” Well, it’s true. We all hold on to stress in different parts of our body. You may notice your jaw feels tight like you’ve been biting down for a long period of time. Sometimes our neck will be achy or your muscles feel sore but you haven’t even been doing anything physically laborious to cause it. These are all signs of tension and stress. A chiropractor will use alignments and adjustments to manage the effects of stress on the body.

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