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What to do after a bike accident & How To Be Prepared/Avoid Crashes 0

What to do after a bike accident & How To Be Prepared/Avoid Crashes

Bike crashes happen. It’s an unfortunate side effect of an otherwise great activity. Biking is a fun hobby, an economical method for commuting, a healthy means of transportation, and it’s better for the environment than gas powered vehicles. But it can put you in vulnerable situations. Especially when traveling on roads with vehicles. While not all crashes/accidents involve cars, they are by far the worst and require more vigilance to avoid. If you’re involved in a bike crash follow these steps (read in advance and try to remember… we don’t actually expect you to pull up this post and follow the steps following a crash). What To Do Following A Bicycle Accident Assessment Get out of the road and assess your injuries. If your injuries are too severe to move, call for an ambulance and wait. Don’t risk moving too much if you’re seriously injured. Otherwise, get to a safe place off of the roadway as soon as possible. Check your body for injuries. Make sure you can feel all of your limbs, wiggle your toes and fingers, and look for excessive amounts of blood. If your crash occurs offroad walk your bike to safety/cell phone range and call for help if needed. Contact First Responders If there’s a...

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What To Wear To A Chiropractor Appointment 0

What To Wear To A Chiropractor Appointment

If you’re about to go to your first chiropractic appointment you may be wondering what you should wear. This is completely normal as we often get asked this question when patients schedule visits. This guide will help you ensure that your chiropractic visit is unimpeded by your choice of clothing. The simplest piece of advice is to wear something comfortable. If you’re going for an adjustment, wear loosely fitting clothing that won’t get in your doctor’s way while they adjust you. Your body is going to be moving around, so avoid wearing anything that might give you an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. A t-shirt and shorts or leggings should suffice. Wear Something Comfortable The most important factor is that your movement is not restricted. Your clothing should be flexible and loose. You don’t want to have stiff jeans or a bulky belt stabbing you in the stomach. Loose clothing will help make your chiropractic visit go smoother. We often recommend running shorts, basketball shorts, yoga pants, leggings, and t-shirts or tank tops. Coming Straight From Work? If you’re coming straight from a job that requires you dress nice there are a couple of things you should do. If you’re wearing a suit take your tie off and leave your jacket...

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Relax in Moderation: How Sedentary Habits Cause Long Term Damage 0

Relax in Moderation: How Sedentary Habits Cause Long Term Damage

Treating yourself could be the cause of many of your health problems. Health professionals will often tell you that relaxation is key to improving your mental and physical health. The modern culture of “treating yourself” can create a lifestyle of relaxation. This is also known as a sedentary lifestyle which can be extremely bad for your health. If you’re like most folks you work hard almost every day. Whether or not your work is physical, by the end of the day, you’re exhausted. The typical workday starts by commuting to work in your car or on a bus/train. Then at work chances are you’re sitting for a long period of time followed by a similar commute home. The possibility that you spend most of your workday sitting is actually quite high. On average, Americans sit about 10 hours a day. Sitting In The Workplace The average person works for about 50 years of their life. The time at work adds up to about 13 years. That’s about a sixth of your entire life spent at work. While working is a necessity, there are a number of things you can do around the office to improve your health. The first thing to do is to get yourself a standing desk...

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How Tight Hamstrings Cause Back Pain & Other Problems 0

How Tight Hamstrings Cause Back Pain & Other Problems

There are a lot of factors that can cause tight hamstrings but one thing is certain. If you develop tight hamstrings you’re likely to develop other issues as well. Lifestyles involving a lot of sitting naturally cause tight hamstrings by keeping your legs at a constant right angle for prolonged periods of time. Other things like overworking, without stretching can cause tight short muscles in your hamstrings resulting in a multitude of other problems. Why are tight hamstrings bad? Tight hamstrings can lead to lower back pain, bad posture, imbalances of muscles, and knee pain. If your hamstrings aren’t flexible enough they will be more susceptible to injury. Once your hammies are tight, other muscle groups will follow resulting in stiff joints and posture problems. For instance, tight hamstrings can lead to tight hip flexors, glutes, and lower back muscles resulting in a posterior pelvic tilt. In addition to tightness, pain, and being prone to injury, tight muscles have reduced performance. Muscles that are tight have reduced blood flow which results in a decrease in capacity of performance. How can you tell if you have tight hamstrings? There are some tests that a chiropractor or physical therapist can perform to identify if you have tight hamstrings. The most well...

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Best Foods for Good Joint Health 0

Best Foods for Good Joint Health

Aside from avoiding damage to your joints your diet is the number one contributor to your joint health. Joint health can be affected positively by nutrients that help repair damage and promote strong, flexible joints. On the flip side, food can also damage your joints by causing inflammation or by depriving your body of much-needed nutrients. A low inflammation diet combined with nutrient-rich foods is the best combination for healthy joints. If you’re looking for meal ideas, which foods are best for joint health, or which vitamins & nutrients contribute most to joint health and lower inflammation, we got you covered. What Should You Eat? Less processed is usually better. Eating whole foods helps you avoid trans fats and other additives that can cause inflammation. Fried foods and charred meat can also negatively contribute to inflammation. There isn’t a single superfood that will cure all your joint pain. Rather, a well-balanced diet filled with food that causes minimal inflammation is the way to go. Anthocyanins Cherries and other rich colored berries contain a flavonoid called Anthocyanins. This flavonoid has several health benefits including reducing inflammation. Some foods that have been found to contain high amounts of anthocyanins include most richly colored berries, acai, kidney beans, pomegranates, red onions, grapes,...

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