Ask A Chiropractor – What To Expect

You scheduled your first visit to the chiropractor, we’re proud of you! You read our post about what to expect at the visit, you have your comfy clothes picked out. But what should you expect following your doctor’s visit?

Ask A Chiropractor – What To Expect After A Chiropractic Treatment

We recommend drinking plenty of water, plan on taking it easy, but keep your body moving. After your alignment you should try to get in an easy walk. Keeping in motion in non strenuous ways prevents your body from reverting to the misaligned position it had been in. Make sure you stay active but don’t commit to any activities that will risk your alignment falling back to where it had been. Keep an eye on your posture while driving and when getting back home or to work.

Brand New You!

You may feel a release of tension, less stressed, and even lighter in your step. This euphoric feeling can be from the chiropractor physically adjusting your spine, hips and/or joints to where they should be. This can also be from the endorphins released throughout your treatment. Either way, enjoy it because you deserve it.

Sometimes though, there is the chance of feeling some discomfort. Don’t be alarmed. Along with releasing pressure and putting things back where they belong toxins can be released. Similar to the stress we carry, toxins live in our joints and spine. When the chiropractor performs an adjustment our body is being cleansed of the toxin build up. Toxin release may cause cold-like symptoms, fatigue, headaches, tight muscles and maybe nausea. Again, be sure to drink plenty of water to flush out your system.

Follow the Plan.

Remember that while you may feel like brand new after leaving your first visit it takes more than one adjustment to see lasting effects. Chiropractic treatment is not a quick fix. Sometimes care can take up to four visits to start to see significant impact. After your first visit be sure to schedule a follow up visit as suggested by your doctor. When you get home, be sure to incorporate your chiropractic plan into your routine. Most of the time your chiropractor will give you stretches to do daily, they may also suggest low impact physical activities to support these stretches, be sure to spend a moment reviewing them. If your chiropractor gives

If you experience discomfort consult the plan your doctor recommended. Often the stretches suggested help to alleviate pain in between adjustments. Reach out to your doctor if you notice pain that doesn’t go away after a day or two. Make any notes about your recovery to share with your chiropractor at your next visit.