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Can I ride my bike to my appointment?

Cycling to the Chiropractor

Many of our clients use alternative transportation to get to their chiropractic appointments. While the 20 bus route drops off in front of the office and the Max Blue Line is within walking distance, many of our clients cycle. If you are a dedicated cyclist like them, you might be asking: Is it okay to ride my bike to and from my appointment? 

Depending on what your chiropractic visit is for, riding a bike is safe. If you are free of pain, then you can ride your bike to and from your chiropractic visit. After your chiropractic visit, going for an easy walk or bike ride is often suggested as a healthy low impact activity. 

However, if you are feeling pain and discomfort we suggest asking your doctor before your appointment if riding a bike is suggested for you. 

Post Visit Bike Ride

Did you know our Hazelwood office is located just 30 minutes from a couple of our favorite nature parks. After your visit, these low impact bike rides could be just what the doctor ordered. 

Mt. Tabor

Located just three miles West from our office is one of Portland’s most iconic trails. Riding through the Montavilla neighborhood, cyclists get a mild terrain before climbing the hills of Mt. Tabor. This ride offers a stunning view at its peak. Just think, it’s all downhill from the top.

Powell Butte Nature Park

This extinct cinder cone volcano has a bike trail and is just 30 minutes Southeast through the Millpark neighborhood. With miles of trails in this 600 acre park, bikers can escape the city before heading home after their chiropractic appointment. 

Paths and Trails

Other great ways to get around are using the I-205 Multi-Use Path West of our office or the Springwater Corridor South of the office. Both trails offer a smooth trail to traverse the city for some light post appointment activity. We use for easy to find trails around Portland. 

Benefits of cycling

The reward of cycling impacts both physical and mental health:

  • muscle strength & flexibility
  • strengthened bones
  • improved posture and coordination
  • healthier joint mobility
  • decreased stress, anxiety and depression

Cycling is both a preventative and supplemental way to keep your body feeling it’s best. Portland is a cycle city. Many of our clients take advantage of bike lanes, trails and designated bike routes to care for their health. Ask your chiropractor if this is a good option for you at your next visit.