Common Work Injuries and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

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Hundreds of millions of non-fatal accidents occur in the workplace every year, ranging in severity from minor to debilitating. On the more serious end of the spectrum, some injuries can keep people out of work for an extended period of time, which can result in loss of wages piled on top of unplanned expenses for medical bills and rehabilitation.

The good news is, workers’ compensation laws protect you from many of these expenses and lost earnings. What workers’ compensation can’t give you back is your health. It’s up to every individual to take the appropriate steps to recover from their injuries, so they can return to work and restore their earning capacity.

As insurance companies, workplaces and physicians crack down on prescription drugs in the aftermath of the opioid epidemic, there’s increased emphasis on natural treatment for injured workers. Chiropractic care is one example—and a popular part of many physical rehabilitation programs in Portland, OR.

Common workplace injuries

The type of workplace injury you’re most likely to experience depends on the work you do. There are certain types of jobs that come with more obvious physical dangers, such as construction, mining or electrical work. But even if you sit in an office all day, you’re still susceptible to potential workplace injuries or chronic conditions. Here are a few examples of some of the most common workplace injuries:

  • Slips and falls: Slips and falls can occur at any type of workplace, and can include falls down stairs, slips on wet floors or tripping over cracks or uneven pavement.
  • Falling objects: This is a common type of injury in the construction industry. Even with the proper protective gear, falling tools or debris can still cause injuries.
  • Repetitive motion: You might develop carpal tunnel syndrome from spending all day typing, or muscle strains, soreness or other issues from repetitive, laborious motions.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: If your job requires you to drive a company vehicle or piece of equipment, beware motor vehicle accidents and the injuries associated with them.
  • Overexertion: Spending all day performing grueling physical labor could result in injuries or conditions caused by overexertion.

While there are workplace standards and OSHA requirements to prevent these types of injuries and more, remember: accidents are called accidents for a reason! Even the best attempts to stay safe can go awry. When they do, your health becomes an even bigger priority than it already was.

Chiropractic care for workplace injuries

Your physician may recommend a variety of treatments to help you recover from workplace injuries. Many people favor chiropractic care, because it’s natural and non-invasive.

Chiropractors can offer effective care in treating pain in the lower back in neck, and conditions like sciatica. Musculoskeletal pain is the most common reason for lost work time, and chiropractors can target the areas on your body most likely to cause pain.

Chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques that can help you eliminate your pain, including spinal manipulation/adjustments, massages and tissue stimulation. The specific techniques a chiropractor uses will depend on the nature and severity of your injury.

The various treatments offered by chiropractors promote faster healing, allowing you to get back to work sooner. They can also improve your flexibility and range of motion, as well as long-term outlooks for physical and mental health. Best of all? There’s no risk of addiction like there is with prescription painkillers—and chiropractic actually helps the body heal, instead of masking the pain.

Steps to take after a workplace injury

If you’re injured in a workplace accident, your top priority should be your physical health. Get medical attention as soon as possible from your physician, or go to the emergency room if necessary. The longer you delay, the more likely it is you’ll experience complications arising from the initial injury, as well as worsened symptoms.

Your doctor may be able to prescribe you medication to help you with the pain, but chiropractic care is ideal for treating the underlying causes of your pain in a natural, drug-free way. After getting the necessary immediate medical attention, we recommend contacting a chiropractor to discuss treatment options that may be beneficial for you.

Interested in learning more? If you’ve been in a recent workplace accident and received your diagnosis, bring it to Starkwood Chiropractic. We take pride in helping Portland, OR workers get back on their feet and back to work, feeling better than ever after an injury. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!