How To Find The Right Chiropractor

Finding the right chiropractor is about finding someone you can trust with your health, has in depth experience and is looking to personalize a treatment plan for you. During preliminary visits you want to be heard and feel a part of your treatment plan. Given that most treatments are ongoing, finding a chiropractor you can build a relationship with is important. You want to know they are looking for the root cause of your pain and getting you back on track to feeling great.


Referrals are the best way to find someone you can trust. If your family member, friend or neighbor has had a positive one on one experience with a chiropractor it can speak volumes to the care they have received. These referrals can be complemented with reviews found online, and other testimonials on a chiropractors website.


Auto injury? Work Injury? General aches and pains?
Each injury or pain has its own story to tell and your treatment plan should too. Finding a chiropractor that specializes in your injury will ensure that you are getting appropriate care. A specialist will take into account your life routines and make sure your treatment plan matches that lifestyle. Your chiropractor should be asking beyond your injury, they should be getting to know how you move throughout your life. This particular interest in who you are will help define care specifically designed for you.

Additional Treatments

Aside from traditional services such as spinal adjustments and tissue therapy, your chiropractor should offer plenty of complementary treatments. Injury affects the whole body and the whole body needs to work together to heal. Finding a chiropractor that offers exercise programs and nutrition plans to round out your care is the treatment you need. They should offer entire care management, not just point of injury response. If their team doesn’t have all the resources needed, the chiropractor will suggest third party references to round out the treatment plan.

Building a Relationship

A caring and thoughtful chiropractor is going to make sure you feel welcome, heard, and informed about your diagnosis and treatment plan. Chiropractic care is ongoing, not just a one stop shop. Make sure the office is clean and cozy, that a staff member is welcoming you at each appointment and that they check in about the family, recent sports game or just your general health. Stress is a large contributor to how we feel pain and heal, human connection can directly relieve stress and a great chiropractor will show this in each visit.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance can be tricky business. Check the chiropractors website for insurance companies they work with. If you don’t see it listed, but you’ve received a great reference, it is worth a call to the office to double check your options.


The chiropractors site should clearly have the credentials of their practitioners listed. A chiropractic site with pictures of staff with bios and credentials is the best way to suss out who you will get to work with.