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Auto Insurance

At Starkwood Chiropractic, one of the most sought-after services that we provide is our auto accident chiropractic treatment. No other Portland chiropractors are as well-versed and educated in the practice of treating auto accident injuries. Even minor car accidents can result in painful, lingering injuries that seem to get worse with time.

The most common injuries from car accidents occur in the neck and the back. Anyone with neck or back pain can tell you how debilitating and frustrating it can be. Eventually, the injury may become so aggravating that you consider surgery or pain medication to deal with the problem. Chiropractic care is a safe alternative to those options, and has been shown to heal injuries faster as well. Because our chiropractic treatment is so beneficial for people suffering from auto accident injuries, it is covered under the vast majority of auto insurance policies. It is often cheaper to treat your injury immediately with chiropractic care as opposed to waiting until you need surgery.

It is a good idea to talk with your doctor and your insurance provider immediately following an auto accident. Some auto injuries won’t show up immediately following an auto accident, so it is important to discuss the accident with your insurance provider so that they will be more likely to cover your chiropractic care if a back or neck injury flares up without warning.


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At Starkwood Chiropractic, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to deal with back or neck pain resulting from an auto accident. The good news is that our Portland chiropractic treatment is likely covered by your auto insurance policy, so it won’t cost you anything to get quality care. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to find out if our service is right for you.