Is seeing a chiropractor worth it?

While it depends on what you’re experiencing to know if chiropractic is right for you, the general consensus is yes. Patients suffering from lower back pain have reported less pain intensity and experienced less disability over time. With improved mobility and function, there is higher satisfaction with treatment. Needless to say, going to a chiropractor can lead to less pain medicine as the chiropractic care addresses the root cause as opposed to treating just the symptoms of an injury. 

Patients suffering from chronic conditions can see increased mobility and lower pain levels through chiropractic treatments. For patients suffering from acute trauma, chiropractic can be less effective initially. However, during this period a chiropractor or physical therapist can provide recommendations and care instructions which will help you heal and recover faster.

You get out… what you put into it.

Because chiropractic care takes into account the patient’s lifestyle and habits to investigate root causes of injuries, be prepared to put into practice the advice of your doctor. While you may receive adjustments and alignments in person, you will also be advised on continual exercises, consulted on diet and encouraged to examine triggers in your day to day life. If you want to get the most out of your chiropractic visit, be sure to heed your chiropractors advice. Following complimentary routines outside of the office make for a more pronounced recovery. 

Preventative Care

Chiropractic care can be used as a preventative care measure. The same way we choose to work out, meditate or even cleanse, chiropractic care can be added to a personal routine that keeps things like sciatica, neck pain or headaches from flaring up. By checking in on things like posture and alignment, a patient can keep various chronic pain at bay. 

Patients suffering from a combination of uncomfortable ailments such back and neck pain, joint stiffness and even poor immunity can see their overall health benefit from the holistic approach of their chiropractor. 

Patients who see themselves in situations that may take a large toll on their body can check in with their chiropractor to acquire tips for maintaining health. As the body changes during a pregnancy, chiropractic care uses safe and gentle methods to alleviate discomfort. Getting ready for a sporting event? Maybe you are getting ready for a big race. Let your chiropractor know about changes you may be facing. 

…but is it financially worth it?

Visiting a chiropractor will depend on the injury, what insurance you have, and how many visits you may need. Many insurance companies cover chiropractic care, but it is important to check with yours specifically to find out. Be sure to reach out to our office for a consultation and to learn if your insurance company covers your claim. We talk more about this here.

All in all, give us a call and let us know what you are experiencing and to see if coming in is right for you.