Teen Chiropractic Care: Signs to Look For

teen in grassy knoll on their phone.

Teen health is a prime time to start healthy habits that your child will hold for the rest of their life. Helping your teen monitor their physical and emotional health is a priceless life skill. While the teen years are busy for the whole family, there can be a few signs it might be time to have your teen schedule an appointment with the chiropractor. 

Growth Spurts

Growth Spurts are when our kiddos see rapid growth followed by slower times of growth. You might be able to tell by changes in appetite, moods and physical appearances. This rapid growth puts pressure on joints, bones and especially the spine. If you notice your teen is restless, not getting much sleep due to discomfort or generally uncomfortable be sure to check in with your chiropractor. 


Sitting at a desk for long hours at school or at home doing schoolwork isn’t fun and can have negative effects on the body. Long hours of sedentary habits can lead to obesity, stiff muscles and even arthritis (read more here). Making sure teens are taking breaks to move around  is important. Poor posture can also be caused by teens looking at their phones. If you notice your teen arching their spine while looking down at their phones, encourage them to look up and move their head in a circular motion. Taking a few minutes each day to stretch is an important habit to inspire.  


Participating in sports is an important way for youth to stay healthy. Despite the many  positive effects of sports there can also be some negative impacts on the body. Whether your teen is a runner, soccer player or swimmer, it can be important to make sure they are stretched, aligned and not feeling consistent pain. Starkwood Chiropractic is experienced in many sports injury rehabilitation techniques that employ chiropractic medicine to heal. Consider bringing in your teen for a check up if they participate regularly in sports.. 


Stress can trigger physical pain in both adults and teens alike. We tend to carry this stress in our body. Teens are no different than adults when it comes to being triggered by stress. 

Top stressors are typically triggered by:

  • School and Academics
  • Social and Peer Pressures
  • Family Dynamics
  • World Events
  • And more…

Teens should utilize chiropractic care as a holistic tool for managing stress. Learn more about stress’s impact on the body in this article here

Last tip:

Regularly ask your teen: How are you sleeping? How are you feeling? How is your body feeling? If there is inconsistency in your teens’ answers, be sure to have them monitor their symptoms and feelings by journaling.