Top causes of Stress

Stress can cause both psychological and physical repercussions. Physical discomfort from stress often happens over time. By the time your body sees the impact of stress it is disassociated from the original cause. As stress builds up it begins to cause muscular tension, spinal misalignment, sore joints and more. This is usually caused by holding onto tension due to the inability to relax.

Stress is a way our body stays alert to danger. This type of stress alert was great when we were hunters and gatherers. However, it doesn’t have the same benefits when we feel stress over little and big triggers day in and day out. These stresses can change the way we hold our body leading to aches and pains. 

Big life events and the accumulation of lots of little stressors have a major impact on each of us. If you are experiencing any of these stressors, it might be time to check in with your chiropractor.

1. Death in the family

The death of a family member or even a pet is recognized as the leading cause of stress. The age of the person plays a large factor in the amount of stress experienced, along with whether or not the family had time to prepare themselves prior to the loss of the person.

2. Divorce

Divorce is also rated high on the stress scale. While both men and women experience divorce differently, the stress of divorce stems from having to leave familiar surroundings, child custody issues, division of property and financial support.

3. Health

Your health is another major stress factor. A doctor’s appointment, having to go for tests, awaiting test results, or having an operation scheduled is enough to rattle anyone’s nerves. Until you know the results or the health issue is resolved, it’s only normal that you worry and tend to fear the worst. Caring for a sick family member or pet is stressful and exhausting. In addition to worrying about the patient and everyday care, such as carrying the patient can lead to physical discomfort. To get yourself back into shape, chiropractic spinal treatments can help relieve pain by putting your body back in alignment again.

4. Employment

The type of job you’re doing might also be the cause of significant stress. The more demanding the job, and the longer hours you work, the more stress your body experiences. In addition, slouching while sitting at a desk, or standing for long periods of time might take a toll on your spine. Besides just correcting spinal problems, a chiropractor can give you advice on good posture and suggest exercises you can do while sitting at your desk.

5. Finances

Money problems such as barely making ends meet, struggling to pay the mortgage or worse, facing a foreclosure, and huge debts all lead to stress and sleepless nights.

6. Home and Vehicle Maintenance

Mention expensive repairs or maintenance to a homeowner and the anticipation of electrical, plumbing or roof maintenance causes stress. The prospect of having to deal with contractors and high costs is enough to upset anyone.

7. Family Vacation

You might not expect that a forthcoming family vacation is one of the 10 biggest causes of stress, but it is. The anticipation of being in an uncomfortable, confined space during travel with too many people, and the possibility that something might go wrong, causes stress. Chiropractic adjustments, before and after a trip, can prevent back pain from ruining a vacation.

8. Outdoor Activities

While most people might look forward to spending time outdoors, for others it’s a cause of stress. As soon as they leave their familiar surroundings, they worry that something might happen. Social anxiety is all too common and people who suffer from it tend to avoid any activities that require social interaction as much as they possibly can.

9. Becoming a Parent

Many new parents, especially mothers, will naturally go through a phase where they feel overwhelmed at the prospect of this life changing event. Fear of the birth process, the responsibility of caring for an infant 24/7, and financial worries can cause stress on both parents.

10. Holidays or Big Events

Around the holidays there are expectations to spend money, host family or even time crunch with work during short weeks. This added onto all the other day in and day out responsibilities can take a lot out of a person.

If you feel that you have difficulties coping with problems or dealing with stress, talk to your doctor. Learning how to relax is a key to handling stress. A chiropractor can suggest exercises you can do at home to relax your body during stressful times.