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Reduce Shoulder Pain & Increase Strength

Your shoulder is a complex joint made up of many tendons and muscles. When injuries or strain occur, it’s important to seek treatment from your physician. Sometimes, these injuries require surgery, but many conditions can be treated with physical therapy or…

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Preparing For A Big Race

You’ve already put in the long hours of conditioning, long-distance runs, speed work and stretching for hours every day. Now your 5k, half-marathon or full marathon (defined as a 26.2 mile race) is right around the corner. Hopefully at this…

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How to Identify A Disc Injury

Spine Health & Identifying Disc Injuries

Disc injuries are one of the most debilitating types of back injuries you can experience, and there is little to no way to prevent them, other than being cautious. But sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re just experiencing common…

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Easy Stretches For Back Pain Relief

Stretching For A Big Race

Back pain can be one of the most uncomfortable parts of getting older. It’s also a fact of life for people living with injuries and other spinal conditions. But even if you don’t suffer from any debilitating discomfort, you will…

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Is Your Mattress Causing You Back Pain?

5 Signs You Should See Your Chiropractor about Rest Related Issues. The old saying ‘There are few things a good night’s sleep won’t cure’ is very true. The human brain and body needs proper rest to function at optimum levels,…

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Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping Portland, Oregon

If you’re an athlete, or even just a person who enjoys living an active lifestyle, you’ve probably heard of or know people who use Kinesiology tape. Kinesiology taping is a process that is used for treating athletic injuries and a…

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