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Can I ride my bike to my appointment?

Cycling to the Chiropractor Many of our clients use alternative transportation to get to their chiropractic appointments. While the 20 bus route drops off in front of the office and the Max Blue Line is within walking distance, many of…

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Bilingual Staff at Starkwood

light up sign saying hola

Cultural sensitivity in healthcare can mean the difference between getting better or feeling worse. Healthcare is a response to those in need when they aren’t feeling their best. Culturally responsive healthcare is a means to care for the whole person,…

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How do ergonomic pillows work?

Pillows offer a quick remedy to neck and back pain arising from wrong sleeping positions. You will encounter several types of pillows, including contour, cervical, curved, chiropractor, etc., so it is vital to find the most comfortable option for your…

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Ask A Chiropractor – What To Expect

You scheduled your first visit to the chiropractor, we’re proud of you! You read our post about what to expect at the visit, you have your comfy clothes picked out. But what should you expect following your doctor’s visit? Ask…

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