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Winter Warning: Engage Your Core 0

Winter Warning: Engage Your Core

Ice and snow are a real possibility in Portland every winter. While it may not be consistent, snow can come out of nowhere and catch us off guard. Combine that with our lack of experience in such conditions and it becomes even more important. Be prepared with a strong core to avoid injury. Whether your shoveling snow or hitting the slopes your core is key to staying healthy. Signs You Need To Strengthen Your Core Weak core muscles can cause back pain, as well as increased risk of injury. The following are some common signs that you have a weak core that’s in need of strengthening. Lower back pain – The first sign of weak core muscles is lower back pain. Low back pain can be caused by other issues such as pre-existing injury, but it’s the first sign of a weak core. Poor posture – If practicing good posture is tiring, chances are you have a weak core. Slouching when you sit isn’t just a habit. If sitting up straight causes your lower back and abdominal muscles to get tired, you probably have a weak core. Bad balance – Most of your balance while standing comes from your feet, hips, and core. Testing your balance could help you...

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