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Therapeutic Taping

Kinesiology tape, invented by a Japanese chiropractor, has been gaining popularity since the 1980’s but most famously gained sight in the previous summer Olympics. There are now many brands producing similar lines of elastic therapeutic tapes; spider-tape, kinesio tape, rock…

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5 Fun Summer Activities That Combat Joint Pain!

  For people living with chronic pain, summer can feel like a daunting season. However, trying the right activities can actually help with provide some relief. Consider adding a combination of these activities to your schedule this summer: 1. Go…

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Simple Stretches in a Work Day

As computers and desk jobs are becoming more prevalent, many of us find ourselves sitting in the same position, staring at our screen all day long. We may notice neck soreness, lower back pain or even headaches which we often…

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Why You Have Bad Posture and How To Fix It

Ever catch yourself hunched over your desk? If you’ve been known to slouch, you’ve probably experienced a variety of symptoms associated with slouching without even knowing it.  Poor posture causes many serious problems that most people aren’t even aware of….

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Insomnia and Pain = Pain and No Sleep

Are you suffering from joint pain?  Do you constantly feel stiff, achy and like your body just doesn’t want to move anymore?  Millions of Americans suffer from chronic joint pain, many of which are diagnosed with arthritis, and their ability…

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Fixing Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT) or “hip tilt” as it’s often informally referred to is a common problem that affects many Americans. A person can be affected by PPT if they don’t lead an active lifestyle or have poor posture whilst…

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Bilingual Staff at Starkwood

light up sign saying hola

Cultural sensitivity in healthcare can mean the difference between getting better or feeling worse. Healthcare is a response to those in need when they aren’t feeling their best. Culturally responsive healthcare is a means to care for the whole person,…

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How do ergonomic pillows work?

Pillows offer a quick remedy to neck and back pain arising from wrong sleeping positions. You will encounter several types of pillows, including contour, cervical, curved, chiropractor, etc., so it is vital to find the most comfortable option for your…

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