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Ask A Chiropractor – What To Expect

You scheduled your first visit to the chiropractor, we’re proud of you! You read our post about what to expect at the visit, you have your comfy clothes picked out. But what should you expect following your doctor’s visit? Ask…

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Ask A Chiropractor – First Visit

We often receive questions from new patients such as “What happens at your first chiropractic visit?”. We answer that question here in our newest installment of Ask A Chiropractor. What Should I Expect From My First Visit? Before The Appointment…

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Is seeing a chiropractor worth it?

While it depends on what you’re experiencing to know if chiropractic is right for you, the general consensus is yes. Patients suffering from lower back pain have reported less pain intensity and experienced less disability over time. With improved mobility…

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How much does it cost to go to a chiropractor?

It’s almost always more affordable than visiting an orthopedist. The cost is comparable to seeing a physical therapist. It depends on several factors: insurance/workers comp, how many treatments are necessary, how long you’ve had the issue, and the severity of…

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